Our Company
At revelationMD, our mission is to eliminate waste and improve quality in today’s healthcare system through the power of our physician-centered data bridge.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are wasted in medical delivery every year.

Three years before revelationMD began, co-founders Rick Grizzle, Steve Agee, and Larry Hanrahan, along with a team of healthcare professionals began to seek out a way to eliminate waste and improve quality in healthcare; something that current medical delivery systems seemed unable to do.

The Physicians Collaboration Project was born as a 'think tank' and quickly discovered two key facts.

  1. Physicians influence over 90% of every healthcare dollar but do not have the information to control it.
  2. The misalignment of incentives and connectivityᅠdoes not allow physicians to reach the level of effectiveness required.

Physician engagement isᅠsmart medical delivery.

What began as a 'think tank' evolved into the creation of revelationMD. The code was written for mpactMD, our web-based solution that repositions, recognizes, and rewards physicians for leading patients to healthier outcomes. We are there every step of the way to ensure each stakeholder can collaborate directly and strategically.

Collaboration is our driver.

Since our establishment, physicians and employers have been a crucial part of the development, testing, and feedback. With stakeholder influence, we are committed to accomplishing our goals:

  • Improving medical delivery performance, community-by-community, across the U.S.
  • Studying, developing, and promoting best practices of health and efficiency optimization
  • Using transparency to create a more effective and efficient patient experience
  • Influencing the product offerings that support employers, employees, and their family members optimal life/health balance at the best value