Ancillaries and Facilities

mpactMD is the only industry platform that bridges the data gap between all healthcare stakeholders to reduce cost by eliminating waste and improving quality. Our HIPAA compliant, web-based solution links physicians, employers, plan managers, ancillaries, and facilities to collaborate and manage healthcare and its cost proactively.

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Tracking and Reporting
Real time data collaboration with physicians optimizes patient support, compliance, and outcomes. By integrating with mpactMD, your reports will be more relevant, thorough, and vivid than you have ever experienced. Your mpactMD online portal categorizes each patient by diagnosis, age, plan sponsor, network and time, and ties those measurements back to your service. See who is sending you referrals and how frequently they come. Access reports on peer-comparative market intelligence that will help you optimize your market value position.
Increased Revenue
Gain exposure to new referring physicians nationwide, and add to your 'payer-mix' with new commercial employers using mpactMD. Build loyalty and recurring business with physicians as a provider with the ability to collaborate and share case management data tracked with mpactMD.
Market Advantage
Gain visibility with all physicians participating in the mpactMD collaborative effort. Your mpactMD online profile positions your services optimally, highlighting your success in patient care and service based on your participation and performance. As an mpactMD user, you are treated more like a partner than a vendor in the care of each patient.
Time Saving Work Flow
With almost no change to your internal operations, mpactMD easily interfaces with current EMR or Practice Management Systems. Streamlined document transfers - including physician signed orders, clinical files and notes - reduce your workload with fewer calls and faxes. mpactMD is not exclusive, and works with all the providers you currently serve. There are no required changes to how - or whom - you bill for your services.
Outcomes Data
For the first time, your service will be directly associated with impacting individual patient outcomes. All de-identified data will be yours to use as you wish for marketing purposes, additional revenue, or to otherwise improve your business. mpactMD metrics are sophisticated yet concise. We measure how your service contributes to individual patient outcomes and which physicians are following each patient through the entire cycle of care to reach optimum outcomes.

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Improve your bottom line

Contribute to the delivery of optimal outcomes and promote your value proposition on a national platform to increase your patient volume. 

Now with the benefit of real-time data through revelationMD, PCPs can make informed decisions as never before. We can serve our mission to steer our patients through the healthcare maze to find cost effective care - Data that makes a difference, so we can make a difference.

Guy Culpepper, MD | Bent Tree Family Physicians, Frisco

It might surprise you that a doctor historically had no idea whether an MRI referral, for example, was going to cost $300 or $1,500. We often have to make recommendations without access to that basic information. While the solution is new, I believe it will be the physician's and the employer's 'new best friend.'

John Moore, MD | ENT Otolaryngologist, Plano

Using mpactMD* has made our office more efficient and has increased patient compliance. Using mpactMD has made our jobs so much easier. It's a must-have for any busy office.

Kathy Mangels, Referral Coordinator | Healthcare Associates of Irving, Irving

mpactMD* makes our job so much easier at the appointment desk because it is efficient and easy to access. It’s actually fun to use.

Gilda Nesbitt, Referral Coordinator | Irving Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, Irving that we are on board, it has improved our office efficiency and will be an important tool in the future care of our patients. mpactMD* is convenient because I can monitor patients and make sure they are taken care of… mpactMD protects us from a liability standpoint - it documents our interactions with the patients. I wish all of our referring doctors were on it!

Stacy Carruth, Office Manager | Texas Cardiac Associates, Rowlett

We joined mpactMD* to begin sending referrals in April of 2010 and it has been a great decision for our practice. A key benefit to a Primary Care practice like ours is the ability to track compliance of the patients with the specialists to whom we refer. In today's medical world, that is big relief to know that we are covered in this area. We could recommend this for any Family Practice, and look forward to the day when all of our specialists join the network.

Lidia Lundy, Office Manager | Dr. Brenda Hampton Family Practice, Garland

*Formally iRefer. Same trusted product with a new look.