mpactMD is our collaborative web-based solution, where all healthcare stakeholders are bridged to reduce cost by eliminating waste and improving quality.

A key reason why waste in medical delivery goes seemingly unchecked is because direct communication between health professionals has not been an industry priority.

mpactMD is the only industry platform that bridges the data gap between all healthcare stakeholders. Our HIPAA compliant solution links stakeholders to collaborate and manage healthcare and its cost proactively.

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  • Physicians gain data to guide recommendations to the highest quality, lowest cost providers and are incented for their performance when savings are realized through the Physician Incentive Program (PIP).
  • Employers gain real-time information to proactively eliminate waste and see immediate savings.
  • Plan Managers gain reinforcement for their networks to achieve savings without disrupting their systems and contracts.
  • Ancillaries and Facilities¬†gain physician loyalty as a provider with the ability to electronically capture referrals for optimal outcomes collaboration and documentation.
Shared Data + Aligned Incentive = Smart Decisions That Cut Waste And Improve Quality

  • Healthcare quality improvement

  • Optimize current workflows

  • Immediate waste reduction