Knowledge Sharing
We believe curious people find innovative solutions. This is an integral piece of how we manage our company and what we plan to demonstrate through our blog, The power of shared knowledge.

The Power of Shared Knowledge

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revelationMD executives, from left: Steve Agee, Frank Roby, Rick Grizzle and Larry Hanrahan

revelationMD’s blog is designed to encourage everyone who touches the U.S. Healthcare system. Each of us is affected by what happens next in this anxious time of transition.

Have you ever tried to get directions from someone who has never been where you are going? We are in a time where literally no one has been where we all must go. The powerful in the industry are trying to secure their position and the vulnerable are trying to keep from losing theirs. I know of no historical context to guide us when so much money (+/- $3 trillion) is in play in a way that affects so many.

Over 20 years ago in the early days of managed care, I wrote an article called "Who Owns the Patient." That battle rages on between the patient (consumer), the doctor (authorizer of all care), the employer (majority payer), the government (who already pays more than 50% of all care) and the hospital (the largest single recipient of money). At stake is everything we know about healthcare -- technology, access, liability, quality, delivery, administration -- and everything we care about -- life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

In the month of March, when the entire country added only 88,000 jobs, healthcare contributed 23,000 of them. What do you do with an economic engine that is saving the country economically in one view, but choking us from another view? Solutions are beyond empowering consumers to be as knowledgeable as physicians, beyond abdication, beyond blaming any one party, and beyond our individual reach.

The solution is in sharing; knowledge, data and experiences in a transparent and competitive platform. Power hides in controlled systems that keep information close. Sharing, what we learned as children and teach our children, is the best way for everyone to get along – in life and in healthcare delivery.

We invite you to be part of it through our blog. We will bring you stories of triumph and sorrow; examples of where medical delivery works and where it is broken; and interactive content that seek your insights. Most of all we will strive to deliver what we stand for as a company: simple, smart, responsive, committed, and valuable answers to healthcare's nearly impossible questions.

Welcome to The Power of Shared Knowledge!